Thanga K. Thangavel

Founder/Broker/Owner of LM Max Realty
Brief info

Thanga K. Thangavel, a certified Project and service Management Professsional started his career working for large consulting firms in Information Technology for 18 years, managing and implementing multimillion-dollar software projects. He moved to Dallas, Texas and began investing in single-family and multifamily real estate in 2009. He is the Managing Partner/CEO of LiveNJoy Residential and the Broker/Owner of LM Max Realty, a residential Real estate Brokerage and consulting firm.

Unique Experience

Many Multifamily Deal Sponsors Only have experience in Asset Management but not in Property Management or IT Project Management. Thanga has experience in all three of these areas: Asset Management, Property Management, and IT Solutions which helps to increase income, control expenses, automate tasks, and quickly track Accounts Payable/ Receivable to increase NOI. In his latest Multifamily Project, Thanga increased Cash flow from 5% to 9% within 3 months of takeover and sold the property retutning a 24% (ROI) Per Year to investors.