Don't Wait to Buy Real Estate...Buy Real Estate and Wait!!!

Real estate has provided generations of investors with wealth.

Our mission is to pioneer the ways to offer discerning investors access to thoroughly vetted residential real estate opportunities.

Our approach blends personalized service, proven business model, discipline and data-driven insights. This allows our members to diversify their portfolios with investments in individual properties.

Our mission is to help members invest with confidence. We only consider deals that pass our stringent due diligence process, and offer investors full visibility into every opportunity on our platform.

Invest and Enjoy financial freedom

We believe that investing in real estate should be about stability, diversification, solid returns as well as investment protection through real assets.

Our goal is to provide single family investors with solid real estate investment opportunities that yield high returns.

We are committed to providing returns to investors through the acquisition, improvement and leasing of single family homes whether they are distressed and foreclosed or preowned and ready for tenants.

Single Family

Multiple Family

If you want to have peace of mind, then you need to have financial security. if you want financial security, then you need to invest passively when you are working.

LM Max Realty provides solutions for the following customer problems:

  • Are You Getting The Return You Want On Your Current Investments?
  • Is Your Money Sitting Idle In The Bank And Not Making Any Returns?
  • Would You Like Another Income Stream In Additon To Your Full Time Job?
  • If You Lost Your Job, Would You Still Be Able To Pay Your Bills?
  • Is Your 401k Becoming 201k When The Stock Market Slides Up And Down?

Why Us?

Years of Experience

LM Max Realty is a privately held full service real estate company to help our clients buy, sell, invest and manage.

Homes Sold

Our services, opportunities, and affiliate network  helps keep your investment dollars in growing DFW markets.

Investors across USA

We train our Investors to manage property themselves to save money and increase monthly cash flow & ROI.


We provide Multifamily Asset and Property Management Services, though our affiliate company.

How 15 Rent Houses Can Help You Retire Faster than a $1 Million 401k.

How you answer this question speaks to your level of financial sophistication.

How Far Would You Go for $250?

Most people would not go very far out of their way to make an extra $250 a month. When compared to a monthly salary of $5,000 or $6,000; $250 sounds pretty insignificant.

A person might pick up an extra shift on a Saturday for a little vacation money. Someone might sell an outdated computer or game system for a few hundred bucks, but that money’s usually gone by the end of the weekend.

As a way to create wealth, $250 doesn’t even cross most people’s minds. The average person spends more time buying lottery tickets and gambling in casinos than looking for ways to add another $250 to their monthly cash flow.

Successful Real Estate Investors

I’ve found that all the successful real estate investors I meet are excited about $250 a month in cash flow from one of their rental properties.

In most cases, that $250 a month is the main reason they pursued the property.